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Specialist insurance lawyers for policyholders.

Our mission is to ensure that every valid insurance claim is paid for our clients, however complicated it might be.

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Why Indemnity Legal?

Indemnity Legal is a boutique law firm specialising in one thing, and one thing only: acting for policyholders against their insurers when a complex coverage dispute arises.

We act for a wide variety of businesses, across a whole range of industries, and when we do act for those people, we have one mission: to ensure that every valid claim is paid for our clients, whatever the circumstances and however complicated it might be.

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What do our clients say?

"Our insurance claimed that we were covered, but then went very silent on us for over a year. We found Indemnity Legal and explained our situation. The team was quick to arrange a phone call and gave us excellent advice and guidance on what could be possible. Their work is precise, and communication is always clear. We always knew where we stood with Indemnity, even when we didn’t with the insurer. Indemnity Legal had our back throughout and went on to not only get us the pay-out we deserved, but also get the legal fees we had spent returned". - Policyholder

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What makes Indemnity Legal different?

All of our Partners at Indemnity Legal have experience of advising insurance companies on complex insurance claims. We now use that experience to fight for policyholders: by understanding how the insurance market thinks, and what the key to unlocking a coverage dispute might be, we can identify faster and more pragmatic solutions for our clients, as cost-effectively as possible.

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