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Indemnity Legal is a boutique law firm. That means we specialise in one thing, and one thing only: acting for policyholders against their insurers when a coverage dispute of some kind arises.

That sharp focus on resolving your coverage dispute means that we're not distracted from the task in hand, nor are we interested in selling you other services. We can refer you to trusted partners within our network, of course, but we'll stick to what we're best at: recovering what your business is properly owed by its insurers when a dispute arises.

Our mission is to ensure that every valid claim is paid for our clients, whatever the circumstances and however complicated it might be.

  • We're experienced. All of our Partners have extensive experience in advising on the resolution of coverage disputes, including time spent advising insurers on "the other side". Collectively, we have over 60 years of experience in the resolution of coverage disputes.
  • We're efficient. Because we've spent time advising insurers, we know how they think. This means that we know exactly where we should be spending our time, and exactly how best you should be spending your money, to resolve your dispute. Where there's a sensible deal to be found, we'll find it. But where your interests need protecting more aggressively, you can be sure that we'll use our expertise to expertly fight your corner.
  • We're growing. As a close-knit team of dedicated experts, we've been lucky enough to attract some of the best minds in our industry. As we continue with our mission to ensure that every valid claim is paid for our clients, we continue to attract experts in our industry committed to fighting for policyholders' interests.
  • We're capable. We have one of the largest dedicated teams of expert solicitors representing policyholders in the UK. That means that we can provide expert advice on disputes ranging from those within the Financial Ombudsman Service's limit (currently, up to £355k), through to complex multi-million pound litigation.
  • We're trusted. The majority of our work is referred to us by other professionals (typically from an insurance broker, loss assessor or law firm). We can be trusted to deliver an impeccable service to their clients, and we repay that trust by fighting hard for those clients to ensure that they are paid what they are owed by their insurers.

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